Crowns & Thornes: Kaleidoscope Daydreams

By Kia The Writer



“This is your captain speaking….”


Eyes close tight. The murmurs of my prayer to Adonai fill my mind as the vibrations from the jet engines consume my ear canal. My grip on both armrest tightens. My breath slows as if I am preparing for momentary hibernation. The steel bird propels forward at a speed my body has never felt before. My eyes open to see just how swiftly the landscape passes me by. The pauses between my breaths are now at one whole note at a time as the green land becomes blue sky. The nose tilts and we climb into the clouds.


Those peculiar clouds that I have always enjoyed mentally sculpting into faces, animals & objects. The tilt becomes a parallel rest on an air stream that only the birds once road before the Brothers Wright unlocked the secrets of human flight.


The golden sun greets my irises as I peer above the clouds. “This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life,” I say to myself. My breath was now at a normal pace as the scene from the airplane window hypnotized me. For a moment I get lost in another kaleidoscope daydream.



In 2000, I took my very first airplane flight on a medium size commercial airliner. It was a big family vacation to Cancun, Mexico with my immediate and extended family. My mother, sister and I had never been beyond the east coast. Since this was a family trip with a reunion feel, various family members chipped in to make sure my mother, sister & myself were able to join the journey.


In the new millennium I was granted the chance to become a bird and fly far, far away from the Queen City to live out a lifestyle that felt like a kaleidoscope daydream.


We arrive in Mexico as the clouds transition from orange, red, and purple hues into black skys. Once on the ground, the nighttime clouds begin to pulse with rumbles & flickers. Whipping winds and sideways rain welcomed me and my family to the Yucatan.


As we make our way from the hotel vans to our rooms, the swaying palm trees, elaborate pools, & well kept hotel landscape design of the resort is revealed with each electrical flicker from the sky. With room keys in hand and slightly damp clothes my mother, sister & I step into our rented room.


My pupils dilate as I took in the room. A large hot tub in the middle of the room with the perfect view of the stormy sky hovering over the resort. Large plush beds with linens continuing the neutral sandy colored theme consuming the marble-like floors and bathroom counters with dark brass fixtures. This was something that only rich people get to experience I told myself repeatedly. I could barely contain myself enough to go to sleep.


The next day we were greeted with a lush view of the resort and the ocean beyond it as the morning rays casted down upon vacationers and busy resort workers. Up and at’em was the motto during that vacation. Buffet breakfasts with orange juice in champagne glass was the routine, when the entire family convened to get the daily itinerary of vacation activities.

My vacation memories are filled with days splashing in the hotel pools, wading in the ocean, filling plates full of tasty buffet food, shopping at the mall & in touristy village squares. However the most vivid memory of all was the motor boat and snorkeling excursion.


The waters & the life teaming in them were more beautiful than any jewel or gem extracted from the deepest and darkest Sierra Leone mines. The turquoise waters were deeper than any body of water I have ever been in, but my life jacket and the bravery of my older sister, another non-swimmer, who just jump in motivated me to dive in too. The sights of the reef and the rainbow of colors swimming by me in schools upon schools of fish was breathtaking. My 14 year old mind marveled at the amazingness that was nature. My 14 year old mind knew that I just had to see more of this world some way, some how.


It would be a decade before I had the chance to take a steel bird again to fly far, far away to see another part of the globe.


Story to be continued...    



London 2010....



New York City 2016...



Toronto, 2016...



Onward & Upward...