The heart is central

Heart is the central or innermost part of something. Isn't it intriging that if you are shot in the heart and therefore the heart function immediately stops, that your brain and other vital organs still continue to function, to live, for a few more seconds? This would indicate that the heart is not the sole engine of our lives. There is something else that engages the heart and all other cells and organs and empowers them with life. This "something else" refers to the Life-force, the energy that is life itself and that mobilises our poor lifeless bodies into functioning. And the heart plays a vital role in that.


Money is a medium of exchange

Money is a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes. As the people of society or nation states agree that by exchanging value through these printed notes we "transact" or "distribute" resources to the vital parts. Each part, regardless of purpose or operation, can then use the flow of money to grow. In many ways I see money as the blood of a society. 

We transact value within the AXL community with the use of our localized currency known as "credits" or "dk*".


(For more easy to understand thoughts on money see : Mike Maloney.) 


When you hear the particants of AmericaXL speak of "Heart over Money" we are pledging in agreement that our community mind serves the interest of protecting the heart and all of our individual parts with higher priority than the interest of solely gaining the resources.

We all need the flow of money. We are extremely motived to increase this flow to reach our potentials! Thus we believe that by working in concert towards common goals, our work will be more effective. We believe that creative collaboration is the catalyst to exponential growth.