I Got it Bad. And, I Know It | The Origin Story of a Music Fiend

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I'm Bad

The year was 1988. The song had a pronounced bass guitar melody that pervaded my ear canal, thumping my eardrums as I moved in time to the beat. I mimicked every move he made on my TV screen. At the age of 3 the "smooth criminal" had me in his grasp. Band-Aids on my fingertips, a fedora atop my head, and the rhythm in my feet. Michael Jackson and me only needed the music.

When I was a toddler my grandma bought me the VHS of "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker." From the opening sequence to the closing credits, I was mystified by the power of music and the rhythmic movement it evoked.


House of Vinyl

Thinking back on those days, I didn't realize that music would become my best friend for the rest of my life. I didn't have a choice, really. Living in my house was like living in a record store. The wall of my mother’s and godmother's room was lined with vinyl records, which were mostly composed of the R&B, Soul and Funk genres with a few classic old school hip-hop records sprinkled in. As the late 80's transitioned into the early 90's, so did my family's record collection.


1992: My Musical Year of Origin

In 1992 my godmother purchased a CD player to add to the rack-stereo collection we had going--a turntable, a dual cassette tape deck, four massive speakers and now a rack CD player. With the CD player came the racks upon racks of CD cases.

The year of '92 was not only my introduction to this new electronic device that would soon take over the music industry; this year also marked my introduction to hip-hop. In March of 1992, "two little kids wit a flow you ain't never heard," wearing oversize, backwards outfits reeled me into the hip-hop sound. At the age of 7, watching Kris Kross mania takeover the nation was madd cool. Then December came and a sound that would solidify my love of music dominated the speakers of my household.

"One, two, three and to da fo'/ Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre is at your do'/ Ready to make an entrance so back on up/Cause you know I'm 'bout to rip sh*t up." The G-Funk sound was clean, smooth and laced with lyrical flows that seamlessly melded with the beat. At the time I did not really know what the lyrics meant, but I d*mn sure recited every word (as long as no adults were around).

This was the beginning of my relationship with music.


My Best Friend

From toddlerdom, to adolescences, to teenhood , into young adulthood, music and I grew up together and grew to love one another unconditionally.

When I was younger, if someone peeked into my room they would have either seen my ears engulfed by headphones or my eyes transfixed on a music video. This still holds true today.

I am a music fein. I cannot go a minute without thinking about music. If no music is on, I hum a melody or beatbox a rhythm. If I turn on the TV, I have to check the music channels first. When I have a conversation every other word reminds me of a lyric from a familiar song.

Music is a welcomed mental invader in my life. It consumes my thoughts. It injects bliss. It is my addiction. No intervention will end this obsessive love relationship.


Call to Action: Have a throwback music day and explore all the tunes of your early childhood that led you to your current musical taste. It will be madd fun. I promise.