Planet Rock | Hip Hop's Electronic Dance Music Roots

By Kia O. Moore | +Subscribe

Hip hop culture was developed and strongly influenced by electronic dance music (EDM) culture. Hip hop became the dance music of the have-nots in the inner city neighborhoods of New York City. These inner city residents were unable to attend the costly discos of the late-1970’s so they created there own discos through hip hop block parties, community center jams, and house parties.

These hip hop events were driven by the DJ. The DJ was the master mixer who used Jamaican turntable techniques to extend the most danceable portions of funk and disco records. As you can see, Hip hop was a music genre born from the peoples’ need to dance.

Then in 1982 one of the instrumental creators of hip hop culture, Afrika Bambaataa, created a song that fused hip hop and dance music so seamlessly that it paved the way for Electronic Dance Music genres like Electro, Techno, House, and Trance. That song was “Planet Rock.”

Check out the classic music video in the link below!