"80% of success is showing up" -Woody Allen.

So many things we do these days are digital. However, often times, the brick and mortar rules are just as relevant as ever.  In our internet shops, blog websites, our podcasts.  In many ways, the conversation of "Showing up" has been transferred to "Generating Content".  As a creative learning social media marketing, in my opinion, the most popular word on the tips of teachers tongues  is "content".  Create content, create content, create content, in other words, show up, show up show up.  Showing up IS more than half the battle, but that's not definitely not all.  We still have 20% to account for.  Same goes with content.  Generating bad content will not boost your business, just like showing up to work on time but slacking on the job and goofing off when its time to work, will get you fired.  We still have to bring our A game every day.  Assuming you know this already, I want to encourage you to remember the benefits of showing up and generating content.  Because you are creative, you are powerful and you definitely have untapped potential.

Benefit #1.  Guaranteed success.
Okay, maybe not guaranteed, but the principle remains.  Consistent effort over an extended period of time often equals success.  Its the combination of showing up and working hard that lay in the sweet spot.  If you are running a coffee shop and you've done all the math and all the preliminary things and are just not seeing the rewards yet.  Do not get ancy.  Do the time.  Keep doing the high quality of work that you're doing and it will get noticed.  Just remember "Consistent effort over time equals success".

Benefit #2.  Increase in great ideas.
When you are throwing more ideas at the wall, you greatly increase your chances for more home runs.  However, your ideas are not always great.  I have hundreds of horrible ideas daily and thats okay. (my most recent was meowtunes - a mobile app    including ringtones of your favorite songs acapella with  a meow as a substitute for the words.  Just the worst right?).  I know the spiral into a great idea makes me thankful for all of those bad ideas, like meowtunes.

Benefit #3.  Monetary rewards.
That's what we like to hear right? Yeah, money. I'm kidding but I do like what money does, provides a roof over my head and food for my family.  Earning an income from doing something you love is the american dream.
I want to encourage you that making money from sewing puppy faces onto couch pillows is a reality for some folks.  I once over heard a conversation at a coffee shop between an SEO rep and an elderly woman conversing her hand sewn scarves and making over $4,000 a month doing so through her online website.  Guys,  there is gold in the streets. Take your hands and put them to what your heart is beating to do.  Do it daily for an extended period of time and the benefits are yours.  Just ask around.


Photo cred: sxc.hu / Zach Ford