AXL and its service providers will treat Your Content, posted or transmitted by you, as non-confidential information. Upon uploading, posting, or transmitting Your Content on or through the Site you grant AXL a worldwide, non-exclusive license, with the right to distribute, copy, or sublicense to another User the use, reproduction, creation of derivative works of, distribution, public performance, public display, transfer, transmission, and publication of Your Content and subsequent versions of Your Content for any and all purposes (“Company License”), according to a selected license type, as follows.

Through the Company License, AXL shall provide you with the option to license Your Content for a single user's private use (“Single License”), to multiple users within a single organization for public use (“Multiple License”), or for unlimited use (“Unlimited License”).

Single License

A Single License grants a single individual within a single organization a non-exclusive license with the right to use Your Content.

Multiple License

A Multiple License grants a Single Organization License use of Your Content to individuals within a single organization a non-exclusive license with the right to use within an event(s) by publicly playing, performing, and/or displaying Your Content within the context of said organization.

Unlimited License

An Unlimited License grants a single individual a non-exclusive license with the right to use, reproduce, create derivative works of, distribute, publicly perform, and publicly display Your Content, regardless of the individual’s association with any organization.

Only under an Unlimited License shall any User/Licensee be granted the right to use Your Content to create a new work for use to resell or sublicense the User Submission Content.

By selecting a particular type of license to apply to Your Content, you agree to allow AXL to grant said license to other Users with respect to Your Content.

Please do not send us any creative ideas, plans or proposals that you would like to keep confidential or for which you do not wish to grant AXL a license. You agree that any information that you provide us will be covered by the licenses granted herein.

When a User selects any User Submission Content for download, said download will be subject to one of the above types of licenses (the Single License, the Multiple License or the Unlimited License). By downloading said User Submission Content, you hereby agree to abide by the aforementioned terms of the license which applies to said Content.